Introducing Lula Rock

There was something in my heart that was not being expressed as I outgrew the fashion retail box I felt confined in.
— Maxie Chan, Founder

Lula Rock welcomes a portal to view fashion in a refreshing and uplifting sense. No longer bound by trends and the need to keep up with a fast-paced world, we present small and focused collections from independent designers with the ethos of living consciously.

Encouraging wellness and mindfulness, Lula Rock provides a platform for a unique style which connects the mind, body and soul. Each piece will become a key part of your wardrobe, one which slots in with your other items, but withholds its own special touch.

Alongside offering the materials to curate your style, we'll provide the building blocks for maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Through an organic approach to beauty and living well, Lula Rock provides a community to help like-minded women feel uplifted and free-spirited in their own sense of self.

Lula Rock