What’s On: Wolf Circus

Always strong, brave and intelligent, Wolf Circus’s jewellery symbolises passion and fearlessness within the everyday. Intended to evoke a natural confidence, and for the wearer to feel empowered in their daily hustle.

An all-female collective with the desire to create something for everyone. Led by founder Fiona Morrison, the team pride themselves in creating collections which are both timeless and on trend, yet always deeply personal.

Using sterling silver and bronze to craft minimalist structures, Wolf Circus draws inspiration from subdued Scandinavian heritage combined with a unique personal statement. Both classic and contemporary in form and production, using wax casting and hand-fabrication to meld materials into blossoming objects.


These simplistic pieces are unique yet intended to be worn forever. Infusing personal stories with an international twist: Morrison sources crystals from Brazil, vintage pendants from New York and charms from her local bead stores.

A designer with a taste for newness and adventure, she seeks inspiration in everything and everyone from her Grandmother and friends to artists like Matisse, Miro and Jean Arp. She is a self-confessed lover of thrill-seeking activity and claims to be ‘always on the go’ - therefore producing pieces that can be worn during all of her daily adventures.

With a goal of using all recycled gold and silver, this jewellery brand is both stylishly and ethically conscious. Her strongest desire is to inspire through jewellery - ensuring Wolf Circus is both accessible and inclusive through gender neutral pieces at an affordable price range.

Lula Rock