Nude No2 Earring

Nude No2 Earring


Every piece starts with an awareness of the human form. How it sits delicately or strikingly on the wearer, and what it will look like when the wearer moves. Knobbly Studio believes that jewellery should complement the natural lines of the body, working with the angles of the torso, collarbone and face.

This oversize earring was created in collaboration with artist Laurie Franck. As a photographer and handpoke tattoo artitst, the form is inspired by a single-line drawing. You’ll be sure to create a style statement with these accessories. Hand-formed artefacts of gold filled wire, these earrings hang on a gold filled ball and post with a friction closure.

  • Hand-formed of gold filled wire

  • Hangs on a gold filled ball and post

  • Friction closure.

  • 7.5 cm long

  • Handmade in Knobbly Studio, Israel

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