Deconstructed Nude Earring

Deconstructed Nude Earring


Every piece starts with an awareness of the human form. How it sits delicately or strikingly on the wearer, and what it will look like when the wearer moves. Knobbly Studio believes that jewellery should complement the natural lines of the body, working with the angles of the torso, collarbone and face.

This earring is part of an ongoing collaboration with photographer and hand-poke tattoo artist Laurie Franck. Sold as a single, depicting an abstract nude form with nipple based on a favourite tattoo. Mix and match with another style from the Knobbly Studio collection for a unique style of your own.

  • Hand-formed of gold filled wire with a solid 9k gold nipple

  • 1.2 inches high

  • Handmade in Knobbly Studio, Israel

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